Arohena School - Where we strive to provide excellence in all aspects of education

Welcome to Arohena

Hi and welcome to Arohena school.  We are a fantastic three-classroom school set amongst native bush with breath-taking views of the Waikato. 


Our school is like a family, we all  genuinely care about each other.  Parents tell us that the one thing they really appreciate about Arohena is the small class sizes.  We believe that having time to work individually with each student makes a huge impact on their learning. 


At Arohena students have the opportunity to use a range of technology, including I pads, laptops, and desktops.  They have weekly tuition with a specialised kapahaka tutor and music tutor.  We have a wonderful teacher-aide who supports learning in the classroom four mornings each week.


Our passionate teachers work alongside children to encourage them to develop their potential.  We offer a unique education in a stunning setting with all the resources required.  Come and join our family.